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Next Gen Advertising

We offer companies the chance to scale their revenue  with our Ads Domination Signature Service and reach beyond previous limits. From niche content sites wanting to generate 100,000 optins per week reliably and cost effectively, to ecommerce brands who need to 2x-5x-10x their sales, while maintaining profit margins.

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1. Research

This is where the fun starts. MAVRICKS will research your brand, products or services and prep to make creatives and advertise.

2. Advertise

Next we'll advertise your business utilizing our unique OSO Marketing Method for maximum impact, revenue and scalability.

3. Optimizing

The most important step in advertising. Optimizing is crucial to make sure your campaigns are successful, and continue to scale your business.

4. Continuous Cycle

Generally, campaigns run like this in a 4 month cycle. To allow best performance, optimization and results, we generally only work on a 4 month minimum basis, however most clients tend to just stay with us long-term due to achieving their desired results. We are open to discuss best scenario for your brand situation on our call.

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In this call we will elaborate on the strategies we could tailor and implement for your particular business, in order to heavily boost the growth of your business and sales, utilizing our OSO (optimally stacked omnipresence) method and our long proven expertise.

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