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A SaaS company that also owns a variety of content sites we generated email subscribers for.


Client Challenges

Earnware is a SaaS company that also specializes in content sites. The goal for the company was to generate email subscribers for their content sites so that they could generate revenue from affiliate products and services, Google AdSense, and provide lead generation services for their own clients.

Although they were able to generate leads, they were not able to produce enough for their own clients, while at the same time the cost per lead were roughly $4 to $5. Not only that, they were only able to spend $10k a month in ad spend. 

The partners of the company wanted to unlock a new channel for growth, while they focused on Meta ads.


MAVRICKS brought their fresh perspective and skills that allowed Earnware to have massive success. 

We were able to hyperfocus on the funnel, and optimizing the Google ads account to properly grow the brand.

Another area of focus was having strong messages, and test a wide variety of angles so that we could find the best landing page to scale up on.

Paid advertising channels used were paid search ads, display ads, and YouTube.

Client Results

One of the largest solutions was fixing the funnel and pixel placement for landing pages. After optimizing the funnel, removing interstitial ad placements on the website were were able to scale to over $500,000 a month in ad spend.

This opened us up exponential growth with the account, and able to generate a massive amount of leads every month. 

For ever $1 we put into advertising, we were able to generate roughly 2 to 3 new email subscribers. 

We saw email open rates increase by 30%, and saw more long term engaged users for the account which the client had not seen before. 

Overall the average value per lead increase from less than $1, to now over $3 resulting in $15 million in revenue in one year.