Fave Food

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Fave Food is a diet system for women to help them lose weight the natural and healthy way.

fave food case study

Client Challenges

Fave Foods is a healthy diet system designed for women. The client created this product, but had never ran Facebook ads before so bringing it to the market would be difficult. 

The client wanted a goal of $15k to reinvest into the business to help grow the team and sell more products online.

This product sells a diet book along with a coaching program as an upsell. So having great quality traffic was important to the client as the main money maker was that course on the backend. 


MAVRICKS utilized Facebook ads, as it is quickly able to generate sales fast, and maintain great quality of traffic that is interested in diet products. 

We focused on targeting larger diet programs, and websites surrounding the fitness and diet space resulting in great results. 

There was an average upsell rate of 12% for the $200 coaching program that had a full course, and Facebook group available for customers. 

In the first month we had over 2,500 orders for the diet book. 

Client Results

Fave Foods diet book was a $47 product and in the first month we were able to run conversions for $32 per sale. 

We generated over $100,000 in revenue within the first month of running the program where we were able to reinvest into ads. 

Over 2,500 books were sold, and 300 coaching programs were sold as well. 

This was a big win for the client, resulting in massive growth and able for the client to reinvest and create even more products to sell to the market.