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Fluent provides rewards programs to customers with affiliate offers and services.

fluent case study

Client Challenges

Fluent has a rewards program that allows customers to choose if they are interested in services such as auto insurance, or being able to download and play apps. 

Not only that they have a portion of their funnel where customers can also purchase products at a discounted price to try them out. 

The issue Fluent was facing was high cost leads, and poor lead quality from other channels.


We focused on reward type products already on the market and large store brands to help generate leads.

We focused on directing customers to landing pages with strong ad copy to sign up, and what they should expect. 

We included a quiz as well to help leads be more engaged as they went through the marketing funnel. 

Client Results

Fluent was able to increase revenue per registered user by over $5. They were able to focus on their back end and optimize for the best rewards to generate for their leads. 

Overall we managed over $11 million for the account, we used paid search, display, and YouTube ads with a variety of running direct to landing pages, and also using articles.

Leads were roughly $2.69 due to qualifying customers so that they would purchase later down the funnel.