Fresh Clean Threads

Paid Search | Shopping Ads | Video Ads

An apparel company based out of La Jolla, California. Fresh Clean Threads makes t-shirts for the everyday guy.


Client Challenges

Fresh Clean Threads specializes in making crew neck t-shirts for guy. When first helping Fresh Clean Threads, they had limited bandwidth on opening Google ads as another channel, and only utilized a search campaign using branded terms.

They struggled with growing shopping campaigns, and also YouTube ads as well. The biggest issue was that they couldn’t figure out how to spend more than $60k on Google as a channel and wanted to unlock to scale to over $100k.


First we implemented more broad search campaigns targeting a wide variety of products. We were able to unlock campaigns utilizing keywords such as “Dad Bod Tees” and “Best Tshirts”, while able to main growth. While ad spend were much lower in these broad type of keyword campaigns, the ROAS yield was high.

MAVRICKS then was able to focus on scaling shopping campaigns. We added all products that Fresh Clean Threads had to offer to customers, corrected keyword titles to match more what customers would search for, and created a number of campaigns that were able to scale over $300k a month in ad spend.

YouTube was the biggest challenge for the account. We tested a variety of audiences and were to grow the account from just $1k a month in ad spend to over $70k.

Client Results

This was an enormous win for Fresh Clean Threads, as we were able to scale the account while increase the return on ad spend overall.

MAVRICKS unlocked new sales channels for the brand and was able to scale advertising spend beyond what they were capable before. 

Fresh Clean Threads continues to be able to scale the brand with consistent growth with paid search, able to find new customers with YouTube, and have been able to acquire high intent buyers through shopping ads.

A huge win for the company overall.