RTO Helper

Paid Search | Display Ads

A real estate service that helps customers with rent to own homes.

rto helpers case study

Client Challenges

RTO Helper is a company that helps customers find homes that you can rent to own. They had large marketing campaigns on Facebook ads, but were unable to manage and unlock paid search and display ad campaigns.

RTO Helper ran paid search campaigns but  had issues where each lead would cost over $10, which was much higher compared to what they had on Facebook traffic.

The goal was to generate as many leads possible while lowering the cost per lead, while maintaining quality of interested customers. 


Once MAVRICKS took over the Google ads account, we were able to optimize Google paid search and display campaigns to help RTO Helpers become profitable. 

We focused on broad keywords for both paid search and display ads to help lower the cost per lead to a level where RTO could scale their business. We were able to drive the cost per lead down from over $10 to roughly $1.86 per lead.

Our ads that we created tested by pictures of homes, and basic text ads, and found the text ads converted the highest. 

We made landing pages more relevant to what ads portrayed which allowed us to convert higher than before.

Client Results

Optimizing the account was our biggest goal and focusing on landing pages helped produce higher quality leads and lowered the cost per lead.

RTO was able to scale their campaigns by 180%, and increased response rates of leads who were interested in their services. 

With paid search and display  on Google campaigns are able to continuously run for long lengths of time with little to no changes. 

RTO Helper is extremely happy with results, and that they were able to unlock another channel for their business in order to scale it.