Shepherd's Diet

Meta Ads | Paid Search

A health company dedicated to helping women lose weight with books and courses.

shepherds diet case study

Client Challenges

Shepherd’s Diet was a weight loss program designed for women. The first step was to purchase a book with upsells to also purchase a course as well. 

The main issues with Shepherd’s Diet was that the company was not able to spend beyond $10k a month in advertising, and had severely limited presence online.

Main channels the client wanted to scale were Meta ads, and Paid search. They had no organic rankings so scaling as soon as possible on paid search was also a major priority. 


Within the first month of running paid search ads were were able to generate over $50k in revenue, and reinvest that back into Meta ads. 

We came up with a variety of concepts for Meta, and targeted a variety of women’s fitness products and solutions.

Winning ads were a variety of cartoon style images as you would find on medical websites.

Not only that we used a quiz type landing page to qualify customers in order for them to watch a video and purchase products after. We saw that those who went through the quiz, and watched the video had a 15% higher chance of converting and purchasing more products on the end, compared to those who didn’t. 

Client Results

Shepherd’s Diet was able to sell over 200k copies of their book, and had an additional boost in sales of those who bought their course and other products along with their weight loss program. 

Within 2 years we generated over $30 million in revenue, and were able to scale Meta campaigns to over $1 million a month in ad spend. 

We also used paid search to target keywords surrounding weight loss, healthy life style, and have an average 250% ROAS on that channel.