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SMOVE is a stabilizer to allow users to easily shoot with their smartphones.

smove case study

Client Challenges

SMOVE is a stabilizer that allows users to easily shoot with their smartphones. It’s an amazing product that’s perfect for vloggers, influencers, or even something to take on your vacation with. 

SMOVE is a relatively newer smartphone gadget on the market that was competing with big brands such as DJI and GoPro who both have a strong presence and easy brand recognition in the gadget and camera space.

A massive issue was that SMOVE did not have a page that was ranked on page 1 of Google if you did a search for the brand name.


We focused on paid search ads utilizing the brand name keywords so that if customers saw ads on Facebook, and customers did a Google search, SMOVE would stand out immediately.

MAVRICKS created branded search campaigns with an emphasis of using a strong call to action in the ad messaging, and using ad extensions so that customers could view all products the brand created.

This opened a new channel for the company they had not been able to unlock before as they did not have the bandwidth to manage it themselves. 

Client Results

The first month of working SMOVE we were able to generate over $30k in revenue for the brand.

We were able to generate $2 conversions for their $160 product which resulted in a 15000% return on ad spend.

This was a massive win which allowed SMOVE to scale their brand, and focus on building a variety of other products, order more inventory and allow us to scale more. 

Overall the customers was extremely happy with their results and opened a new channel they were not able to utilize before.