Tee Haus

Meta Ads

Tee Haus is a company that specializes in apparel for men. This is an awesome startup from Orange County, California.


Client Challenges

Tee Haus is a start up with home grown roots. This company created a brand with a limited budget to test with paid advertising with. 

The company also has a few products to test, however they sell apparel which is a product that will always be needed. 

Tee Haus is a company that is up and coming and will definitely capable of having large share of the market.


We focused primarily with Meta, and tested a variety of the single crew neck tees they sell in store, versus the packs they also have.

MAVRICKS found that their packs were the true winners which high enough AOV, and allowed the cost per conversion to optimize.

We saw that with packs that customers were able to order more, while also they could save money at the same time compared to when they purchase only a single tee.

Client Results

Within the first few months we were able to double the revenue of Tee Haus with their packs.

The average cost per conversion drove was roughly $28 with yielded at 214% return on ad spend. 

These are amazing results so that the brand can also build up their email & sms lists so that they can now work with returning customers in the long run.

Huge win for Tee Haus and excited to see them scale even more.